We are Happy to Accept

  • Men's clothes, shoes, accessories

    Excluding: sleepwear, underwear, and socks.
  • Watches with resale price <$200

    We love Braun, Casio G-Shock, Nixon, or Timex watches.
  • Items in our size range

    Clothes: S - XL, Shoes: 7-12.

  • New, as new or in a good condition

    Learn more about acceptable items' conditions.

  • Top brands from our brand list

    We only accept items by these awesome brands.
  • Only clean items

    Please wash and fully dry your item before selling.

We do Not Accept

  • Damaged items

    Pilling, holes, scratches, lost hardware, torn-off brand labels, repaired items etc.
  • Luxury watches, jewelry or fur

    We do not accept high-value items that require high expert authentication.
  • Vintage items

    We only accept items that are less than 10 years old.

  • Women’s and kids’ clothes

    We plan on starting to accept women’s and kids' clothes in the nearest future.
  • Fakes or noname items

    Every product is re-checked by our fashion experts before we buy it.
  • Stolen items

    Any items associated with any type of fraud will not be accepted.

Also, we do Not accept the items with estimated price less than $20.
In some cases, we do not accept or pay less for items that are out of season.

Canada Goose parka in August.

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